Is now good timing to buy LL Remix XP?


In electronics and cars, it’s pretty easy to know when to hold off for a month or two to take benefit of the latest product release. In kayaks, not so much from what I can see. While I don’t expect any real changes to a core XP10, the outfitting, color options, etc. seem to get better with each new iteration. Are any of you aware of any upcoming upgrades that would cause me to hold off for a month or so? I wouldn’t wait as long as say August Outdoor Retailer show and miss advancing my spring paddling, but perhaps an update would come sooner than that? The Liquid Logic guys have been very responsive to Facebook questions/comments, but I can’t see it being appropriate for them to forecast a new boat iteration while retail will still have existing inventory. So I appreciate any insights, news, rumors you may have, and otherwise I have my shopping cart saved with my new XP ready to buy.

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I love mine
tho the dry hatch isn’t so dry.


XPs will be pink only in next release.

easier access to behind the seat
and some other small thing (about the pillar perhaps?)that I can’t quite recall were shown on a LL promo vid last fall or so. Maybe you can google it or are already aware of that. It may depend on your $$$ situation (and how much you want the minor “upgrades”) but you might still be able to get a “last year” model somewhere for cheaper.

…around here , central NY, the lowest average price for a XP10 is $900 (add taxes),new, right now …it’ll probably only go up as the start of the season gets closer here. Unless you can find a used one or previous years leftover, my vote is about $900 new is the cheapest you’ll find any wheres , as they are not normally part of a rental fleet, so that;s out as a source of a cheaper, used boat. you didn’t mention what area you live in , so no body can offer any advice on any local kayak show they know of. good luck

PS: most of the kayak shops around here will ship for a extra charge.

Thanks all, seems like a good a time now
Thanks all, seems like good a time any to pick up the XP and not miss any new trends. Appreciate all the tips!

no changes on the Remix XP 10
These boats got an outfitting upgrade for 2012, with a new seat pan and bow pillar (rotomolded plastic instead of thermoformed plastic and foam, which makes the hull stiffer and will not come out in a swim like the old foam bow pillar), and a backband that allows easier access to the area behind the seat. It is unlikely that anything new will come to this kayak this upcoming year.

FYI…GetOutdoors in Greensboro, NC has these boats on sale this weekend- 6% off on 2012 and 10% off 2011 models-

Color options
Has anybody tried a black ops version compaired to another color?

I personally think they look cool,Not sure if Black can be seen to good across the lake or not.

I was basicly wondering how much hotter it is.

Basicly a sweat box.I guess?

I’m not sure if I want to spend a grand on it if I have to be constantly rolling it to stay cool.



Dry Hatch

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Second that one! I have a first year model I bought used, but yes, hatch is never 'dry'. I actually ended up with quite a bit of water in it last month when I swam on a Class III+ (yes, there are holes big enough to trash the XP! Who would have thunk it? It's a tank!) and one of my paddle buddies was helping me on shore and he lifted the bow up straight to drain it (not realizing the plug is before the bulkhead behind the seat). After that run, the back was full of water. I'm not sure if something isn't sealed well at the bulkhead or what. I need to investigate, but since that is the only time it's happened, I'll chaulk it up to that. Always use a dry bag in the hatch if you want your lunch and gear dry! Also, I put a bungee over my hatch to help keep it closed just in case...have heard stories of folks blowing their hatch out. I know someone who ran these in the Grand Canyon with LL and they made a modification to the hatch. Put foam around the lip of the hatch...I believe just the normal stuff you'd use to seal a door in your house. I have not tried it, but they said it did a good job. PS...if you don't mind used, I see them come up on the gear swap areas of and Northeast Paddlers Message Board. I paid $750 for mine with 2 airbags and a neoprene skirt last year. Seems $600+ is about the going rate for a used one.

Thanks for the extra info
Thanks for the extra info - looks like it will be good to be sure I get the 2012 enhancements mentioned. I wonder about the black ops too, wanting the green hornet in my XP10. Thanks again

Black kayaks look like rocks
and black kayaks with swimmers by their sides look like multiple rocks, if detected, by upstream paddlers.Keep your rib cage and spine in mind if choosing a black WW kayak, or black immersion apparel.


Good info
Thanks for the reply on the black plastic.

Armed with that info I dont even care how hot it is.

It wont be me sweating in the cockpit.

Better safe than cool looking.



If that’s a concern, wear high visibility PFD, helmet and clothing. I have three black kayaks, including a Black Ops XP, which is very cool. I do not find them much hotter than other dark colors, but they do show scratches more. You get less sun glare off the deck.