Is One Quart of Oil Enough for Gunwale?

I’m going to treat the gunwale of my 16’ Kevlar canoe with oil (perhaps Watco Exterior). Will one quart be enough?

My technique…

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One quart should be more than enough to do the job, with some leftover.

I put on 2 or 3 "light" coats(do more if you want it darker). I give it a couple of hours of drying time between coats. I rub it into the wood when I apply it. Don't drown the wood! Get any drips onto the hull off asap.
Take your time; you'll be glad you did.
Better to do the job in shade, or indoors, than in direct sun. Dries too quickly in the direct sun. You'll lose some of whatever product you use to evaporation in direct sunlight.

I put on wide width masking tape, flush with the bottom of the gunwales, before I begin.

Others technique will vary.
Hopefully you'll get more input.


Yes, a quart is plenty
A quart is almost a lifetime supply, depending on your upkeep habits.

Many products have coverage guidelines on the can. I just looked at a can of Watco–a quart is good for 150-200 sq ft–a lot of gunwale.


Thanks, guys. I moved the canoe into the sun, but I will move it into the shade when I apply the oil.

A long time.
I’ve been oiling my Mad River 17ft Explorer twice a year (at least)for 28 years. Just started my 3rd can of Watco.