Is the kayak too old??

I have a chance to pick up a necky spike. Is there a point when a kayak is too old even if in good shape? Thanks in advance. BTW I plan to do intercoastal kayaking.

Old no. Worn out, delaminating, severely sun faded, scratched to death…………yes. Condition is the key not age………….Even when talking about the paddle actuator.

Thanks Overstreet…newbie here collecting Intel from you veterans who know.

If it says “Made in Canada” and has black specks in the plastic it was a superior plastic to what they use today. If you are not super large it will be a fun boat.

No, if it is in good shape.
I just sold my 20 year old Perception Eclipse which except for a bunch of scratches and a worn out seat back was as good as the day I bought it. The guy that bought it didn’t even quibble at my asking price after he saw it.
In my opinion the older plastic kayaks were built to better standards than the thin things they are putting out today
Just last week I raced my wife’s Perception Shadow in a down river race and that boat is as good as the day we bought it.
If the boat has been taken care of and kept under cover or indoors it will stay good until someone trashes it or mistreats it.

Jack L

I have a fiberglass Nordkapp I purchased in '84 that has been used quite a bit over the past 34 years but is still in great shape. I keep it suspended from the ceiling in my garage when not in use, make sure I rinse and dry it each time I use it, patch any dings as soon as I see them, and wax it several times a year. A little faded from the Florida sun but I’ve seen a lot of boats much younger that look a lot older. Keep it clean, dry and out of the sun and it will last you a lifetime.

Nice nordkapp

Thank you all for the tips…I will definitely be looking for the specks tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed

They will be easy to spot, Misdmnr. I don’t have any personal experience with the Spike, but it looks like a smaller version of the Dolphin. I owned a Dolphin years ago and it was a solid boat that I wouldn’t hesitate to own again.