Is the Kokatat Sea O2 available yet?

Anyone seen or heard of the Kokatat Sea O2 PFD available yet for purchase. I heard they finally had approval for it.


I see it’s listed on Rutabaga’s website. This is the inflatable one, right? Personally I’m not really sold on that concept, at least in kayaks.

not always good to get 1.0 of any item
It is true that not good to get version 1.0 of anything.

These have been used in the air force and navy for years and years, and the article in Sea Kayaker was quite farorable for sea kayak use.

Basically the smaller floation appears to be quite adequate for normal things and the extra floation could actually serve to keep one safer in very big rolling seas and even help with keeping the head up if cold and exhausted.

It may, may that is also help some women with self rescue difficulty as a result of the PFD blocking their recovery with the paddle float and high rear deck.

I just may break the rule and get one, or not!

Kokatat testing is thorough …
I live about 10 miles from the factory in Arcata, Calif., and know a tester – plus the sea can be 50 degrees around here. The vest also has the built-in manual inflation tube.

they are a rare company to be sure
Yes, if all companies were are fair minded and thorough we would have better things for many.

I did order one. Sea Kayaker commented on the manual abilty being very low effort and quick should one either want to not use the auto inflate or if it did not work correctly. It is another layer of compication, so just good to be mindful of J. Q. public using something vs the fanatic fringe of fiendish freaks who paddle on these e-waters. (Just kidding!)