I’ve always really enjoyed kayaking the very few times I’ve tried it and I’ve always wanted to get a kayak. Well, recently my family purchased a home on a bay in NJ, so I figured this would be a great opportunity to finally purchase a kayak. So, I’ve been on ebay, and I found this:

Now, I don’t know if this would be a good choice. I want to get a versatile kayak that I can use in rivers, lakes, maybe some slight rapid stuff, and the ocean. It seems to be so hard to find the right one and what kinds would be good. So, what do you all think? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks everyone!

great boat
I have two and will probably never give them up. Great handling boat.

Mine are 15ft 9 inches though…

looks like it is in excellent shape too. probably one of the fastest plastic sit on tops out there.


Agree with Paul
If I had to pick one …

I like the Scupper Pro as well.

It’s a great “messing about in boats” boat. You will get wet, as the seat is fairly low for a SOT. Performance is good for a SOT. It’s chunky and slow compared to a good closed deck boat, but if you’re reasonably athletic, have decent judgment, and spend just a little time getting comfortable remounting after a dump, it will comfortably handle any conditions you’re likely to want to paddle in.

Thanks Guys
Awe… thanks guys for such a quick and sincere response. I feel a lot more confident in my bid now. I appreciate it! This is a great forum!

Heads up…
as a former owner of the SP, if you are a bigger guy (over 200 or so), it’s a very wet ride as it sits lower in the water. I’m 6-2/210 and the seat is a litle too snug and gets uncomfortable after awhile. Google around and you will see this somewhat narrow seat issue pop up. I use clip in seats and even those did not help. I now have the Prowler 15’ and it’s every bit as fast as the SP and much more comfortable. That said, the Scupper Pro is one of the best…one of the members of our kayak club has the WS Tarpon 160 (16’) which are noted for speed…when we cranked it up on the water, my SP was equal in speed and much easier to turn than that Tarpon. Good luck.

Btw, Ocean Kayak has reintroduced the Scupper Pro again this year in case you are not aware. If in the Seattle area, you can pick up a blem SP for $500…good deal as a blem is usually a color flaw.

Out of budget
Thanks for the heads up. I’m 6’ tall and pretty lean so the weight thing won’t be an issue for me. The kayak I was bidding on just went out of my price range. I just graduated college and I’m unemployed, so I don’t have that much money to spend, so I imposed a $300 spending limit for me. Too bad because I really wanted this thing! I’m in NJ, so the seattle deal is a bit far for me… and still over budget :slight_smile: Nevertheless, tanks for the info!!!

ALso look at the
RTM Tempo – same mold as the Scupper Pro.

Next best thing is something like the Manya Ray 14 or the Tarpon 14.


Also look our for a bic Scapa
I like mine, but I don’t think it will surf the the scupper pro.


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While we've both moved to SINKs, like BrazilBrazil, we'll keep our Scupper Classic & Scupper Pro TW as long as we own kayaks. They're good SOTs, good boats, period.

I go 6-0, 205, and have a fat ass, and it fits me just fine -tho' in the Pro, with its deep seatwell, I use a backband above the lip of the seatwell and not a seat with a back. It give plenty of support, and allows the torso rotation needed for the most efficient and effective forward strokes.

And they're tough -we store ours outdoors under the palms here in sunny South Florida, and have run them up on abrasive coral rock and coral rock sands, and they take a lickin' and still keep tickin'. A 3-4X annual wiping with 303 wards off the worst sun damages, and a wash and scrub gets them pretty clean; they still look pretty good for being 10 or so years old (we bought both used, & don't know real ages.)

Dunno 'bout Paul's Pros, but mine is 14'9", Sally's Classic is 14'1+" in length...

As noted, RTM Tempo is almost identical design, and OK Prowler 15 is a pretty good boat, too, along with the WS T-160. Bottom line for me is combination of handling, speed, size, and weight (about 55#) was more than enough for me to originally buy, and then keep, the S-Pro for a LONG time to use for yakangling and to just


-Frank in Miami

maybe they are 14.9

too hot to go out and measure