Is the QCC 10X as rockered as it looks

in this picture?

It looks more rockered than the other QCC boats in this picture:


yes, it is high rockered.
I can confirm that because I posted side view pictures of multiple QCC sea kayaks including the 10X and ran a straight line through the bottom and the bow on the 10X definetly rasies much more than others. If you doubt me try it yourself with paint. Run a straight line under the boats.

No, it is copied after it’s big
brothers and sisters.

My wife was in on the design.

The only thing different is the smaller cockpit, and the lower front and rear decks.

Believe it or not; for a smaller paddler it is faster than the 600 or 700.



Thanks JackL.
I’m 5’6", 155 lbs and at the upper end of the suggested paddler weight, but I would be using it for daily exercise most of the time with no added weight except my water bottles.

The only QCC model I’ve paddled is the Caspian Sea/400X and it seems very straight tracking and requires much more effort to turn than my composite Aquaterra Sea Lion. I’m also faster in my Sea Lion than in the Caspian Sea. I was wondering if the Q10X would be more maneuverable (more fun) than the 400X for someone my size or if it would just be snugger fitting with similar handling and maneuvering characteristics.


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just thought I'd throw that in for a typical p-net variety of responses :-0.
Okay, who's dealing the tiebreaker???

Ah crap, I'm late on the draw, looks like yanoer goes away happy :-)

Photos ain’t reality.
Almost all will have various degrees od distortion. Angle issues, fisheye, etc…

We have one and I don’t believe the rocker is more than the others. I did notice that the bow seems to ride slightly higher than my 700 but the rocker lines look the same. On my 700 the water line is above the lower curve of the bow. On the Q10 it seems that the water line falls below the lower curve of the bow and often to the point where the entire bow curve is out of the water. I noticed it instantly. I can’t figure out where the difference is but I don’t believe it is the rocker.

Call QCC. They’ll give you the specs.

QCC difficult for me to connect with.
I usually get the answering machine and I don’t have a good number for them to call me back. I have to call when I’m on break.

I do plan to talk with them about some things sometime in the near future when we do connect.

Not hard to believe, and consistent
with hydrodynamic laws.

QCC 600
At your weight and height I bet you would be perfect for the 600, but check with the folks at QCC and see what they say.