Is the strap tight enough?

I saw this driving around yesterday. I’m not sure… is the strap tight enough? lol


That should do it… love those ratchet straps…

How do I get the bent spots out of my boat?

Doesn’t matter………

Holy Roller meets Hully Roller on Hyundai height incision.
One strapping fellow achieves pained bellow with plastic’s inquisition.
Torquemada’s top torturer takes tug to tension often,
those racked-up in blasphemed lines 'bout sons of god or dolphin.

With oil can of imposition
someone’s porpoise holds position
that highway hauls are less traumatic
when bondage games are played in attic

and thus a dolphin on the rack
no free in pod is cut no slack
and passerbys think less of them
that dis the boat with S&M.

If the straps aren’t tight enough, you can insert some wooden wedges between boat and straps; then pound them in with a heavy hammer.

I’ve been trying to think of something - anything that’s funny and witty to add to the original picture. But alas, it truly speaks for itself.

Interesting rocker.

That kayak needs a safeword.

That kayak needs a safeword.