Is there a hydration system that works with a tuilik?

No good place in or on my SOF for water… anyone know if a hydration system like a camel pack works with a tuilik? Thanks.

I don’t know what a tuilik is.

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If you wear a PFD, the Kokatat Tactic Pack would work with a bit of creativity.

It’s a modern version of the traditional combination waterproof parka and spray skirt that was used by the Greenlandic kayak hunters. Current ones are made of neoprene, like a wet suit top with a hood and an extended hem that locks over the coaming rim on the kayak cockpit. They protect you from getting doused if you know how to roll a kayak up after a capsize or if you are practicing your rolling techniques to be prepared for paddling rough waters. They also add some buoyancy (like all neoprene) which can help in rolling and balance bracing. and warmth in cold water conditions.


I’d use a water bottle of bladder under the deck rigging. A tuilik fist snug around the head and/or face so having nayhtign under it that comes toi your mouth will defete the purpose of sealing the water out.

Thanks. A water bottle on the deck would interfere with forward-finishing rolls (once I’ve learned them :grin:). And the PFD attached bladder interferes with the seal around the face. What I was afraid of! Oh well.

TXRiverRunner: Google is your friend. :wink: