is there a leprechaun yak

wonder if anyone seen leprechaun that paddle??is it green yak…or green canoe dress up only …in green

on the way to work i spotted one and slow down see if it was leprechaun…soon i pulled over it disappered…

anyone out there knows one???

Looking out my office window at the Hudson River and don’t see any leprechaun yaks yet but there were a lot of construction workers on the train that looked like they were looking forward to seeing some leprechauns along Broadway in a few hours…Does Carhardts make dry-suits in green?

Ease Up On The Guinness…

green yak
so there is a one that paddle,glad it not the green beer i ahd over weekend and damn those irish potatoes were damn good…

I looked out my window but that damn easter bunny was blocking the view