Is there a maximum number of locations when creating a trip?

I have created a trip and it seems I can only add 7 locations. I need to add many more than that. Is it possible to add more than 7 locations?

Not sure what you are talking about in terms of “locations” or what you are working with. A normal GPS will hold hundreds to thousands of waypoints and allow you to plot a route through as many as you like.

I think he is referring to the trip report section of this website (or the app). It ties into the launch locations on the Go Paddle map (site and app).

I expect the answer is that if you can only add 7 locations then that is the limit. You can either break the trip into part 1, 2 etc, or just pick the 7 most important locations for the map. You could still mention the other locations in the text.

I have gotten past the 7 Launch issue.

Now I just need the Landing/Launch information that I have added/updated to the website to show up for my Trip.