Is there a moral to this story?

After shuttling back upstream today to get our other car a guy in the parking lot told me this story:

A cousin had borrowed this guys fiberglass canoe and had gotten it stuck and burried in a log jam upstream a few miles. He didn’t tie the rope to anything and left by floating downstream some distance to the next bridge on his beer cooler! He reportedly had drank a lot. The river has a good current (about 3mph) and averages now about four feet deep.

Moral is, post discussion topics on the
discussion forum.

Drink your beer else your cooler won’t provide as much flotation!


Don’t loan a composite boat to anyone.

He is requesting advice.


Free boat
at the logjam.


Who peed in your cornflakes?

Loan your boat?
Typical answer to an honest question. Reason why alot of people don’t get involved with this web site. VF