Is there ever an end ...?

to the buying? I’ll think I have enough, that I’m finally done buying, then see one more thing, one more possible upgrade, and can’t think of anything else! Help!

there is no end :slight_smile:

percieved better gear is always worth upgrading to

Best Wishes


to say that the 10 or 12 step program consists of only parking 10 or 12 steps from the door of your favorite paddle store…otherwise it could be a 14 , 16 or even 18 step program :slight_smile:

Best Wishes


Post Mortem
probably :wink:

yes there is
buy a 1940’s Dodge or Ford that is missing a transmition. Now there is buying a hobby. Your money will get slowly funned to that. Do you have wife? well it doesn’t matter, you won’t after the purchase…leaving more money and time to the rusting “restoration project”. I have a 1977 Nova that I bought as a teenager. It is just gotten rustier, but NEVER let me down. So what if I have it rusting out on a farm that I no longer live on. So what if my new canoe cost as much as I spent on that car. Who cares that I haven’t had a date in a LONG time and I am living in my parents basement. I have a sweet project car and a canoe, and a kayak, and paddles, and rope, and life jackets, and oh crap, I am glad I don’t have a gun.

Well time for Star Trek the next generation, see you around


Well, . . yes . . eventually
After spending far too much money on paddling gear and realted expenses for the past 8 years, I’m finally seeing a limit to gear purchases. Now I’m down to a couple of new paddles each year. one new boat every other year and replacement cost for stuff that has worn out or has otherwise lost it’s appeal. Of course as the gear budget goes down the travel expense budget increases exponentially to more than make up for the difference.

Rich people don’t paddle, paddler’s don’t get rich. Paddling has many, many ways to seperate you from your money. It’s the ultimate “money pit”.


Check this out…

I snagged one at REI during their 10% off sale.

You should get one.

I’m done purchasing

for May 2006.


Ha ha ha, Krousmon
Very funny! But I already have three.

nothing wrong with buying …

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But, I do get tired of all the bragging that passes for discussion on this site.

Yup. We spend way too much time sticking our thumbs under our virtual pfds, puffing out our chests and telling everyone about our cool boats, how good we are for always wearing pfds, how many rolls we can do, how fast we can paddle, and how far we go.

For the record I have eight boats in my shop...

neaner, neaner, neaner ...

[and they're all better than yours ...]

Ahhh The fixed income
a sure a positive solution to overbuying.

I have only three…
What is neaner, neaner backwards or is that the cause of shrinkage?


I am still waiting for my yak to arrive (a month late) so, to bide my time bought ANOTHER pfd…

…anyone interested in a all black NRS Hustle pfd in Large? (would go well with a black tuilik…)


The only way for me to stop buying gear is to get my boat and be away from from the computer or just chop off my NRS-buying-fingers!

Just Remember…
if you sell something, then it’s okay for you to get something else. Even if it’s a net loss. :slight_smile:


I’ve been asking myself the
same question…

Since we are new to this, I have purchased everything twice. Once for me, and again for my wife. The bill has become a hefty one and I don’t think I have gone too far out of whack.

renaen renaen
that’s nearner neaner backwards …