Is this a good buy?

I am looking at an Old Town Vapor 10 angler on craigslist and I am not sure whether or not it is a good buy… $225… what do you guys think?

Not so much
If it includes a decent paddle, PFD and dinner at a nice restaurant it wouldn’t be a bad deal.

Seems a bit much if it’s only the boat.

Rather depends on what your kayaking expectations/gear performance demands are. It’s a bit more than a basic rec kayak.

Same old parameter questions, Where will you paddle? How far/fast do you intend on going? What is your kayaking experience thus far and to what skill level would you like to get to? Etc.

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Its OK
Since that is a model that retails for at least $500 new, if the boat is in good shape (as it appears to be) the asking price is reasonable enough.

Whether it is a “good buy” or not depends on whether or not that is the type of kayak you are looking for. It is a fairly short, moderately beamy kayak with an enormous cockpit opening. The big opening makes it easy to access stuff inside the boat, but also makes it easier for water to get in. It looks as if it would be a stable, fairly slow kayak suitable for paddling in protected waters in non-windy conditions.

Watch for sales at the big box stores
and you can get a new 10 footer for the same or a tad more.

Jack L