Is this a good deal for a Rack??

Hello. We just ordered a Thule Rack to hook on to the rain gutters of our legacy wagon. We got 65" crossbars with foots, and 2 sets of saddles. It costs 575 total with tax. Is that typical??

It depends on what type of saddles…some of 4 or 5 times more than others. Crossbars are usually the cheapest part of the whole set-up. The feet or post vary a good bit depending on how complicated the attachment to the car is.

Did you buy them online? (Onion River Sports) has the best deals by far…20 to 30% off list price and usually the shipping is free.

It’s a wonderful deal if…
it does what you want it to!



Rain Gutters?
If you really mean gutters, you have an old car! And you should be able to find a Thule rack to fit for cheap or free. No cars have had gutters for some time now, and there are lots of racks for gutters out there for a song. The cradles are another story, but I’ve gotten some on eBay at a good savings. If you have the time to look, I’d say you should be able to get them same setup in used stuff for $250 or less.


Rain Gutters?
If you really mean rain gutters, please take my Thule mounting feet!

I’ve been using Thule products for a long time - always happy with performance consistantly surprised at cost.

Seriously, I believe I have the mounting brackets/feet you need and your welcome to them.


I bought my used set-up for $150 with both stackers and saddles (Yakima). For another $50 I could have had bike racks and ski mounts.

They come up often on craigslist.

looks like
you should have asked before your bought, not after.

After all, this is an advice forum, not a validate the decision you already made forum.

ebay if you have time
When I decided to put a rack on my protege’5 I checked out ebay first. Since I don’t own a boat yet I was in no hurry and was able to get all the thule parts I needed over a 3 month span. After all was said and done I paid 47% of what the local paddle shop quoted for the same parts. Granted what I bought had some used pieces but I am still very happy with it.

Ebay, ORS, Etc.
I spent 2 or 3 weeks on and off watching and bidding on Ebay for my rack components. Eventually almost all the bids went to within 70 or 80% of full price plus shipping (in most cases). I didn’t see the point of paying almost full price for used goods. I got tired of being outbid or pushed to bid more than was practical and just bit the bullet and went with ORS…no complaints so far. I’ve purchased 4 or 5 items from them over the last year or two and have always gotten a great deal and prompt, free delivery.