Is this a good first kayak?

Price looks good… I’d like to get it… the reviews posted here about it seemed favorable.

Is this going to be too heavy for me to get up on the car by myself? I’m 5’5" and 125# and I’m a girl :frowning:

Good first kayak for what?
We had a nice discussion of this earlier. What are your goals? As an entry into sea kayaking this would be a bad choice. As a boat to putz around in and just have fun in flat water it is a great buy. If you don’t know, what does $200 mean to you? If you don’t like the boat and need to sell it can you wait around for a buyer? Is there a paddling club near you with someone who could loan you a boat? Rental? What about lessons where they provide the boat? If $200 is an amount you don’t care much about then why not? Otherwise, look at other cheaper options for now.

Forgot to mention what I would be using it for…

Bayous, slow rivers, perhaps a lake … Nothing fast at all…

$200 is $200 no matter what…

Thus far, I’ve been unable to find a paddler’s club around here. Most everyone has powerboats :slight_smile:

Yes, but make sure you look at it first
make sure there are no hidden holes in the bow or stern.

It is a starter (rec) kayak, and the original owner probably paid a hundred more than that price.

If your strapped for bucks offer them $25 less and you’ll probably get it.

If it is a new ad, just grab it before someone else does.

In your other post you mentioned about not wanting to put any roof rack on.

If you have a car with a hatch back, and you can put the rear seat down, you can do what we have done on occasion and just put the boat in the back and let it stick out.

Just make sure you have it secured into the car.

Good luck,

Jack L

have you checked the reviews?
Have you read the reviews for that model on here?

It sounds like it would be a decent option for you as long as you realize that it is a boat that will be very difficult to propel against any strong current due to being so short and wide. At 39 lbs you can easily handle it. I’m a 5’ 5" female and my favorite boat is that weight (though 15’ long). I can easily carry it or load it on the roof of my Volvo. It is much better made than the junk Walmart and some of the other big box stores sell and you will likely be able to sell it to upgrade if you decide to, for not much less than you paid for it.

I say, buy it fast and then get a better paddle (sell that crappy one that comes with it on C’list for $20.)

not a bad choice
Reputable manufacturer.

I wouldn’t continue to think that $200 is $200. People get turned off by cheap kayaks and as a result never get in a good one. But in your case this is a good used boat at a good price.

Why the frowny face?
I like girls despite the fact they run my life (or so they think). We could use a few more around here!

I have liked girls all my life
Especially my wife and six daughters

jack L

See my reply to your other question

Good deal
It’s enough to get your feet wet, so to speak, and when it comes time to sell it you can probably get what you paid.

That said, I sometimes paddle with a group who use mostly recreational kayaks of that size. We float easy rivers and paddle quiet lakes. Many of the group are women; all of us are retired. One of the guys, Henry, is 86 years old. Some put their boats on top of the car, others inside. Henry just throws his in the back of his pick-up. One of the girls took her boat car shopping and bought the vehicle that she could load the boat into. Another took her vehicle boat shopping and bought the one that fit in her van.

I started out with a Keowee, which I later sold for something longer, skinnier, and faster. When I met up with this group I found that I missed the little boat that I could just throw on top of the car and go. So I found a used Old Town Otter, which probably gets more use than my others.

If you get that boat, definitely sell the paddle or just keep it as a spare, and buy yourself something lighter and more efficient. Your arms will thank you.

Above all, just have fun.


I can’t believe you sold that Keowee
that is my do all white water boat.

It will never leave my fleet

Jack L

I know, I know
I did regret selling it! But the Otter does well, too. This group consists of mostly Zydecos, Otters, Swiftys, and Sundances. We usually paddle the Schuylkill River, which can have some nice mild whitewater in places. Yeah, we get wet sometimes, but that’s part of the fun.

The Otter won’t be leaving here any time soon.

I will never, never, never
sell my Swifty. Now I have the kevlar Vermont Tupper canoe, the Hurricane Phoenix 120 SOT, and for now my fleet is complete…but that little Swifty would always be my first choice for Juniper Creek :^)