Is this a good time to ask about a

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Pamlico 145 tandem? Anybody ever paddle one? I'm interested in a cheap decked canoe for camping on Class I-II rivers.

Here's the link:

Jes curious, dat's all....


people are going on like a pamlico rampage, because tontomargolis started the thread about pamlico 140s and they thought he was me.

no, really, here’s another link

Just imagine taking the back seat out and scooting the front seat back and there you have it, a solo decked canoe for maybe $800, which is half the price of a real one, and it’s pretty indestructible, too. Sorta heavy, but if the portages aren’t too bad…

don’t let it get you down,
be of good cheer, my post was meant to be good clean fun. Many share your passion, they may just not be as exuberant.


If you get a skirt for it, it’s decked.
Otherwise, waves can get in as easily or more easily than for a canoe of comparable length.

Spray skirts here