Is this a Kruger?

His name is on the side.

Looks like one, sort of. Lots of references on line. Saw Vagabond, no references to Kruger.
The rudder looks like a Sea Wind’s.

I don’t thinks so simply because of the 48# weight.

cockpit & bracing are wrong. Also, Verlen built with Kevlar not nylon. I agree with Rookie on the weight. It looks like Poke Boat made a copy of the Sea wind.

It is clearly what the seller says is is - A Vagabond made by Poke boat:

No. Its a Vagabond.

That “school cafeteria seat” from the early '70s just cracks me up. Whether it’s been used in races (as stated) or not, there’s no way that boat was last used by a serious paddler.

Cool, it’s set up for rowing.