Is this a proper way to distribute weigh

Is this a proper way to distribute weight while hanging a kayak ?

got bulkheads ?

my builder sez support hull at the bulkheads or dividers fore and aft the cockpit…if your yak has dividers/bulkheads/partitions between cockpit and holds.

If that is your actual boat, that would be fine. Indoors it should not be subject to high heat that would soften the plastic, unless that is a garage. Storing on the side is not much likely to cause stress on the hull in the way it does hanging bottom down.

kayaks and canoes are
flexible. If you ‘FEEL’ the setup is wrong your hull is sending you messages. Ignore at your loss. Inevitable damage when you get back to look at the questionable set up.

There are wall hung experts about. You will hear from them. They are compulsive.

Me too just out of habit nothing abnormal of course…with the slings can we achieve a wide soft sling set to wall/ceiling and hull curve so both match ? Do that on paper first…

looks good to me
Looks fine to me. I have 2 boats stored like that. The sides, being rounded, are quite strong. Not as much flex as on flat surfaces (like the bottom). Looks like you are also near bulkheads, which is even better (mine aren’t as close, and work fine).

Looking at picture
You might want to move the front strap a little farther forward as it looks to me the front bulkhead might be a little farther forward on that kayak. I myself use wider straps to distribute the weight over a greater area. I have 4 inch wide ones.