Is this an Old Town Tripper 172?

I’m looking to buy a family canoe and this seller says this is an Old Town Tripper 172 which would fit our lake camping and calm river tripping (no portaging) bill very well. However, I don’t see the Old Town seal on it. I know the outside of the hull was painted as explained by the seller, and the inside looks the way it does because the owner before him started refinishing, but stopped after priming. Anyway, can anyone offer any insight from the photos about this canoe’s authenticity as a royalex Old Town Tripper 172? These are the only two images on the post.


Should be a hull ID # stamped by the stern or bow. Grab that and give old town a call to find out.

The first three characters of the HIN (hull identification number) will give the MIC (manufacturer’s identification code) which will tell you whether it is an Old Town. The MIC for Old Town Canoe is XTC. But if you enter the XTC code into the Coast Guard’s MIC database today, it will identify the maker as Johnson Outdoors because they now own Old Town Canoe.