Is this fixable?

Is this fixable? Hobie Kona Sit on top. I didn’t do it, was given to me bc the owner didn’t want to try and fix it.

That looks like the “Ol’ parking lot drag” If you can get to the inside, tape up the outside and fill the skeg with Marine-Tex.

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That’s what it looks like to me too.

It’s all one piece, so I don’t think I’d be able to get inside w/o doing my damage to the top.

Perhaps using the same technique as you would with a drywall hole? Fashion a piece of plastic or wood or something that will fit on the inside and cover the hole. Run a string through the center of that piece and glue the edges. Insert piece into hole and turn it so that the glue catches the inside and piece covers the hole. Pull tight with the string until it stays on its own. Let dry. Then use the Marine-Tex or some other filler that will work. Worth a try. Good luck.


thinking more about your reply, I was doing some research (I’m new to this sport) and found a guy on YouTube who cut a hole in the top of his kayak to add a dry bag and hatch. I can do the same b/c there there is just a flat storage area above where this damage is. I can cut the hole to get to the fix and then just put a bag/cover in that spot. Plus if I ever need to fix it again, I have a way to get to it easily.

I’ve put several access hatches in boats. Some for repairs and some as accessories. A flat deck makes it easy is install… The ones with the “cat bags” are nice to keep keys and money .

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I’ve done the cut and install a hatch cover into the top so that I could access the inside of a SOT before. Works fine.

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Is a marine Tex really $100 a can? Or is that Maybe because of a shortage right now.

If so, any other product’s like it that may be cheaper? I still have a lot to things I need to buy to get this kayak back in shape and that takes a bigger chunk out of the budget then expected just for a repair. I get it, I got a free kayak, but am a bit surprised at that price.

Edit: I see that it was a 32oz package At home depot. Is 2oz (or more) enough for a job like this?

Flex seal? Would be a lot cheaper than marine tex

I’ve used the below product on pipe and to repair various things including the handle on a rake. The rake lasted months with daily use.

Even if you don’t go with the above product definitely watch the commercials. They’re hilarious

I think so… One time I found a kit that was about 10yo and it worked perfect.
If you can clean and rough up the surface first.
I filled in scupper holes in a SOT 20 years ago and they’re still good. I just taped up the bottom and poured from the top.

Why would you fill in scupper holes? Is there an advantage?

It was my first kayak and I liked to take it to a breakfast place on the water not far from me. Water would come in and enter the seat so I would always have a wet butt at the restaurant.
I filled in 4 scupper holes but to retain some of the original intend use I molded in hose ends with screw on caps into two of them. That was 20 years ago and the boat is still in the neighborhood and the Marine-Tex is still holding up.

Makes sense

I would clear out the broken material and then spray the hole with foam. Then you can shape it easily. Fiberglass cloth and epoxy will fix it just fine. Fill the weave and then paint it grey.

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