Is this GPS integrated mount worth it??

Here is the URL for a new integrated flush mount GPS unit. Work it over paddlenetters. Notagoodidea, possibly of use, what?

I like it nice idea what do they charge
for it?

I’m buying a Garmin eTrex Legend GPS and was thinking of carving a mount out of foam that would fit the radius of my foredecks (West Side E.F.T. and Thunderbolt, both highly radiused) and hold the GPS.

I’m wondering if the Atlantis mount is adjustable to conform to a highly radiused deck, how it fastens to the deck, and whether it will hold a Garmin Legend.

Anyone know?

When i first saw the link
I was excited thinking that maybe someone else was following Lincoln Kayaks lead in offering a ‘glove box’ or ‘emergency hatch’ on the foredeck. Alas not so, but at least if you dont use it for GPS it might still offer room for some amenities that are nice close at-hand.

In the emergency hatch of the Eggemoggin I’ve got room for Radio,powerbar,lip balm and camera…easy to sub out one for the GPS if needed.

I’m not one to keep the GPS on and on the deck. I will get it out periodically to nab a position and then put it back in the day-hatch. With the Garmin Foretrex its a moot point since it is on my wrist.

I Predict

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I predict most kayak makers will eventually be offering some kind of mount like that. Until then you can make one yourself from a foam block.

To answer the question, YES, it's a good idea. It absolutely makes as much sense as a compass recess on a deck. These GPS thingies are NOT going away.

(I know folks will argue with me but the compass, in time, will go the way of the abacus and the sundial)

pity it only accomodates Magellan…
…since I have a Garmin that probably wouldn’t fit the contoured recess. I’m thinking I’m going to go with the block of foam. It’s either that or one of the suction cup mounts with additional bungees as backup support.

looks cool
Looks like a neat idea.

I wrote them will post when know!
I emailed them but have not heard back yet. I will post here or a new post when they reply.

If anyone else has information please post!

Position Adjustments?
I thought about what I do when handling the the GPS in a clear SealLine bag clipped to my deck (also a Magellan unit), and would have the following questions. The mount does seem to be a very interesting idea.

Can the unit be made to stay at a variety of angles or is there really only one locked in “up” postion? When I use ours I am able to move it around at different angles to the sun to reduce glare. If the GPS unit was being used to hold to a track in this mount, it would need to be fixed at various angles to adjust for glare.

Have they designed the mount so that the part holding the GPS unit could be replaced with mounts for other than the mentioned units? I am personally a fan of Magellan, but with something as simple as a Seal Line bag I’m not hostage to them if another manufacturer (and shape) comes along.

Where is this thing when it in the “up” position relative to the likely location of the paddler’s head if they go over and try to set up for a roll? While I’d likely hit the Seal Line bag, it’d not be a problem. The bag would be soft from the air it holds and it’d swing free.

(And while compass and charts may be old-fashioned, they are attractively failure-free.)


I added your questions to the email

I added your qustions to an email to the company

Probably great until

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Probably great until that version of the GPS craps out and the new model (most likely resized)doesn't fit. Then you are stuck with a worthless mount.

perish the thought!

GPS holder
My buddy uses a cell phone holder. and another guy I know uses a dry bag and velcro. I know it sound weird but they both look ok.

no word yet from kayak maker
no word from kayak maker. I did see a dealer who charges $250 for the addition. Ouch from my perspective only.

They gave brief answer only

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Here is the reply from the kayak company. Business like, not responsive for the most part, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and asked again. Here is the response at this point.

Thank you for your interest in our product.

The Integrated GPS unit can only be ordered as an option for our
Titan and Titan VI models.

The retail price for this option is $295.00 CDN