Is This QCC 600X the Full Carbon Layup?

I just bought a used QCC 600X and am wondering if I lucked out and got a full carbon layup? The composite that shows inside looks like all-black carbon, but I don’t know if perhaps QCC’s carbon/Kevlar construction might look the same but have the Kevlar in an intermediate layer that can’t be seen? The kayak weighs about 44.5 lbs (with Smart Track rudder).

From QCC’s website (I added the empahasis):


This construction combines the best features of Kevlar® and carbon fiber. Kevlar® is very strong, light and unmatched in impact resistance and its ability to withstand flex. Carbon on the other hand is very stiff and even lighter than Kevlar® but it is somewhat brittle when compared to Kevlar®.

With this build we place Kevlar® reinforcement on the outer layer of the hull and then back that up with carbon. The result is a kayak that is very tough and light without the “floppy” feeling of many lightweight kayaks. The inside of the kayak will have that sexy carbon black look and you will appreciate the lightweight and the peace of mind knowing the Kevlar® is there for added protection.

I don’t think this gives you a definitive answer, but I would think at 44.5 pounds you probably have the kevlar/carbon layup. Very cool boat!

Thanks. I don’t know how I missed the construction tab on the QCC website. The hull does feel very solid without any flex, so I think you’re right that it’s carbon/Kevlar. That sounds like the ideal layup for me so I did luck out. The Craig’s List seller just advertised it as Kevlar.

Here’s another photo. The hull cleaned up very nicely for a ten year old boat, but the hardware suffered from salt water. The seller had a waterfront home, and I don’t think he ever rinsed the kayak.

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You can get some replacements on the Current Designs website pretty reasonable if you want.

Thanks. The worst issue is that the aluminum Smart Track foot controls are really rough. One end of one rail is so corroded away that the threaded insert is gone, and everything is packed with crunchy corrosion material. I have it working by drilling and thru-bolting where the missing insert is, but I’ll want to invest in new foot controls. Fortunately, you can buy those too but I think I’d prefer their all plastic “recreational” version.

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My wife has a QCC 600X with the Smart Track rudder system and we’ve had a fair amount of trouble with the Smart Track foot pedals. First off the way the cables are routed is a bit complex and the way it wraps around it puts a lot of strain on the cables. We’ve replaced two sets of cables in a few years. For comparison my 21 year old Necky Arluk 1.9 still has the original cables. More troubling was the aluminum and stainless parts of the pedal system corroded pretty badly, more than I would expect for a system designed for salt water. When replacing the cables we were dealing with frozen fasteners and corroded parts.

When the third set of cables broke (always one breaks but the other was badly frayed) we talked to the crew at Annapolis Canoe and Kayak. They recommended the Sea-Lect pedal system that Current Designs now uses. Over three years and no problems.

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Thanks! That looks like the all-plastic alternative that I’d want.