Is this someone we know?

The link does not seem to work, so just look at the recent Best Of Craigslists, “Man of My Dreams”.

This dude?

Where’s his pfd?

Nice pair of shorts!

@Rookie said:
This dude?

And Thus Goeth Pammies of Yesteryear

We bantered, bickered,
snarled and snickered,
at a kayak smitten youth

The innocent suggestive,
spanked by surly digestive,
chased away once lad, forsooth!

Even the FatElmo,
per pilgrim-speak manifesto,
nor understanding patient Sing,

could break that death grip
of the lad to his red ship
and mysteries of its grey thing.

But now, there in Nawlins,
so far from Ft. Collins,
gone buff, gone blue, letting go,

and so go such chillin’
into man into swillin’,
a stunt punt once a Pamlico!

(I can feel the FatElmo’s woe.)

:smiley: CWD, your poetry is the reason I keep coming back here!