Is this Spring?

Yesterday we had non stop rain all day from drizzle to deluge. We had widespread flooding with several roads washed out.
Today, it is sunny with howling winds up to 40 mph and a high in the mid 40s.
On the plus side, the lakes are full .

…it will be low 40 tomorrow and we are going paddling. The maple trees are setting “helicopters”. The bald Cyprus is leafing out. The hardware stores are starting to set out bedding plants. Yes, it’s spring… in FLA.

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Alas not here in the north. Subzero temps tonight and five to seven inches of snow coming in on Sunday. But, we do have more daylight hours and the official spring arrival is 41 days away (most likely 50 or more here).

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You have to be mentally tough to live up there. The same can be said about living here July- September, but I’d much rather be hot than cold.

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Mid 30’s here. Got a gentle fresh snow recently. It’s been a very mild and enjoyable winter overall so far. Rivers are wide open and I could be paddling but I’m happy doing other things and just walking outside.

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Maybe this will be warming.

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I am about to start one in the Buck stove.

Well, in cold weather you can always put on another layer for warmth and go about your business. Can’t do the reverse in hot weather. :wink:

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We take another layer off, get the sun screen on the parts you can’t cover , tank up on liquids, and paddle on! After acclimating by staying out in it.
And paddle early and late.
Makes adjusting layers sound pretty good.

That’s why people talk slower in the deep south. Generates less heat.

Birds are sounding very Spring-like in piedmont NC. Cardinals and woodpeckers mostly.

It’s snowing??!! Big globs melting on contact so far.

Saw a chipmunk pop up in a snowdrift today. Don’t think that’s a sign of spring; just a rodent which didn’t plan well in the autumn.

A dwarf ground hog?

It’s been in the 30’s around here is southern New England - rain more than snow. Saturday would have been a great day to paddle, but the crew was more interested in hiking, so I joined in.

The paddlers at the Charles River

This is the Charles River in Natick, MA - great place to paddle. No ice on the river and no snow on the ground, so yes it kind of feels like spring around here.

Hiking is a great winter sport.

We have some ski-able snow in mid-Michigan now. Three of us from the canoe club got out Saturday AM for a couple of hours. Had thought about going 2 hours north to Roscommon but with some fresh over night stayed local. The rivers are open so we could have paddled but …

Outside and exercising is great regardless of venue.

snow show
a no show,
winter will not deliver,
dousing frantic,
mud flurries ground a shiver.

cloud interrupt
takes Phil up,
sans shadow for prognostic,
but something
holds down spring,
belies wintry agnostic

I always enjoy your poems. Thanks!

It’s been a strange winter here in Seward, AK. First snow came nearly three months late, and was not very impressive. Argh! At least we had a white Christmas – just in time. Plenty of cold spells since then, but just a few small, disappointing snow events so far. At least it’s cold enough to hold on to what little we have, but really, let’s have some real snow before the cruise ships invade! Please!

I love paddling engulfed in the beauty and silence only deep snow can provide. Winter is our respite from the summer hordes. Is it really too much to ask for a nice six to twelve feet or so?

I’m a ridiculous optimist, so I’ll continue telling myself there’s still time.

At least the paddling is always good, in spite of yet another rather disappointing winter.