Is this what you call cedar strip?

Hey again folks,

This is a canoe that my father in law started making some 25 years ago :slight_smile: He is now talking about finishing it now that his grand kids are avid paddlers - he wants to have a good heirloom to leave to them.


it is strip built
If the strips are cedar, it’s a cedar strip canoe.

That is why…
I’ve never attempted to build a wood boat LOL! I would also be looking at a partial build 25 years after I started it! So I went SOF, one week later… voila! Completed project! Pretty cool idea to finish for the grandkids though, good luck with the rest of the project!

Jack L

The strips are indeed cedar :slight_smile:
He cut them all out himself. He is a master cabinet maker and wanted to try his hand at this. There was another one that his cousin was building - that one got finished but I never saw it since that was before I met my wife.

Line the interior with 6oz s-glass then add a layer of 6oz s-glass below the waterline for a significantly more durable layup compared to e-glass.

Not much left to do
Probably not more than 20 hours of work left to finish and get it on the water.

looks cool