Is this what you call dipping the gunwale?



Well, it’s a pretty good example of grabbing the gunwale, and why it doesn’t work.


I hope they made it back to shore without PFDs.

I saw something with my own eyes close to 50 years ago that was quite similar and if i didn’t see it i wouldn’t believe this story myself so I doubt any of you will as well.

We were down at the access ramp at Walnut Creek and there were 3 nuns in a canoe and they had their full nun kits on. One said look at the gold carp and they all looked over the gunwale together. Over they went in about 5’ of water. We helped them out and got the boat out and drained. It is impossible to describe how much water 3 nuns could hold in their garb and how heavy that was. Not to mention what it looked like.

It happened in the days before everyone having a smart phone and everyone snapping photos so you have to take my word for it.


Lucky for them you were there to assist!

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That’s just an unsuccessful roll.

I would call it swimming.
Three in a boat is always a bad sign. No lifejackets and no skill.
They are actually paddling this boat stern first.

That’s also a good example of bow-heavy trim. For some reason they are paddling the boat backwards, so the “bow” paddle is crammed way way forward and the stern paddle is closer to the center than normal so not gonna balance that bow paddler. Then they add another person forward of center. The boat is likely uncontrollable.


Even if you can stay up the boat steers like a drunk… Invitation to BUI?

Three nuns in a canoe
and over they went.
Should any kick the habit
need your eyes repent?


The person in the front and the back look like they’d just fall out of the canoe, but it’s that person in the middle, with her legs under that bar that I’d be really worried about being trapped underwater with the canoe flipped over. . . .