Is Turtle-Clamshell carry open?

Is the Turtle-Clamshell carry in St. Regis open or closed?

This may or may not help but last year we used the trail to carry out of Clamshell into Turtle and the trail was mostly well established. New carry trail markers some of the way and new trail blazes for other parts. Haven’t been this year but may. Last year it was definitely passable but not officially “open”.


Thanks. I knew it was closed a year or two ago, but wasn’t sure whjat the status was now.

When I was there the first week of August it was reportedly still closed.

Thanks and ?
Thanks. How were water levels at that time? I just drove through the Finger Lakes region and water levels looked low.

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there last week says it’s closed. Water levels on the lakes seemed fairly normal. Was able to paddle between Turtle and Slang with just a few bumps and also float the boats through the pipe between Hoel and Turtle.