Is VOX worth anything for a VHF radio

Is have VOX on a handheld marine VHF worth it? I have wondered while in rough seas and trying to use my VHF and paddle with one hand if a hands free system might be a good idea, but have no experience with it.

What do you all know? Does anyone have this and experience with it?

a link

Here is a hands free VHF by Horizon. Do any of you have it? Is it a worthwhile function to have the ability to use it without holding the unit to hear and speak???



That appears to use bluetooth between the radio and a headset. Do they sell a submersible bluetooth headset? Would you wear it everytime you went out in conditions?

Battery Life
VOX will drive the battery life down quickly, if you don’t set the sensitivity to low…every time you talk to a paddle buddy or sigh deeply the radio keys and burns power…great for short periods but not for day long use.

Get a paddle float and a spare paddle. In conditions set your outrigger to use the radio or raft up.

no i would not
It is waterproof but I would not use an ear set

thanks for the information regards driving down the battery. In high winds I would have to have the headset against my ear anyhow to hear it. so maybe VOX is not really a help anyhow.

If the headset would stay on and not be lost, and if the battery was not an issue and would not drive down the main battery maybe.

but sounds like there is no free lunch here