Is walden back?

I saw a Walden add in the new C&K buyers guide. But it didn’t have a website. Are they coming back? Years ago I had the chance to buy a brand new walden nalu outrigger for $595 at a boat show…I’ve been kicking myself for not getting it ever since.

Kick kick kick

Yup they’re back and I’m very happy. Meyer Boat Company in Adrian MI bought them. I actually just ordered a hatch and bulkhead from them for my vista.

Riot has the outrigger canoe and the plastic wave ski, everything else is now in Michigan.

heard something like that
back on October 15 during a group paddle. Someone whose husband has a Walden Passage said Walden was “building a factory” in Adrian. I googled it at the time but found nothing. Makes more sense with Meyer involved.

Always good to see a small American company give it another go, especially one that uses as much recycled materials in their kayaks as Walden did and hopefully will continue to do.