Is Wilderness Systems going bankrupt?

I have been hearing a rumor about this on the board and was wondering if it was true. Anybody know?

Not Likely
They just merged with Watermark (Dagger and Perception) to form the largest paddlesport conglomerate on the planet.

Hey Topher !
As well as Yakima , how long before they’re on the WTO board .------M

nope, not Yakima
Yakima is staying where it is - the deal was for the Dagger and Perception brands (and the other paddling accessories, though with Voyageur already in the line-up, I wouldn’t imagine that the AT paddles, etc, will survive the buy-out).

The largest company on the planet
does not necessarily make you solvent.

Unfortunately I have seen several companies grow too large to successfully manage itself and stay profitable.

Next thing you know they are selling off divisions, or closing them, to stay “afloat” (pardon the pun)

Happy Paddling!

WS going belly-up… not hardly
Wilderness Systems is one of the brands belonging to American Capital Services. Check this out…

OK so that’s old news. Here’s the current story…

It’s big busines selling to big box. Personally, I’d rather buy a canoe or kayak designed by a paddler rather than an accountant.

Finally. Maybe with all that capital
floating around they will be able to finish their #@^*%/!-;( web-site. The thing has been “Under Construction” forever. I just hope they do not get so big that they forget how they got there.

American Capital Stratagies (not service) is hardly going under.

The merger did include Perception, Dagger, Harmony, Mainstream, A/T. It did not include Yakima. (good thing!)