Is Your Trip Cancelled Due to COVID-19? If so watch this video

This may cheer you up. It made me feel better.


No “social” reason to cancel. I mostly surf alone. :+1:


We have cancelled three club paddles. Will cancel another for mid April when I get to it. Govenor closed it really.

But we still launch from the bulkhead for local personal paddles.

At Chesapeake Paddlers Assn we’ve cancelled several on water classes, trips, and events with many more likely. Maryland currently considers kayaking exercise and still allows people to go out in kayaks and SUPs. Social distancing is enforced and group size is limited… All beaches and many parks are closed. Recreational boating is forbidden but fishing for food and commercial use is permitted. Most public boat ramps are open. Remains to be seen if the usual nautical idiots cause this to change.

Personally, I’ve had to cancel a 2 week trip to Florida’s Thousand Islands and Santa Fe River.

So if you don’t have to leave your property to get to the water that would be the same as staying home. I consider the ocean as part of my back yard…:sunglasses:
Especially when the ocean thinks my property and home is part of it’s sea bottom…



That’s how I am interpreting it. Assuming I can rent my place in Maine this year, I am going to consider that paddling out solo from the beach in front of my rental to check out some favorite spots to see wildlife meets quarantine needs. Since I never land anywhere.

Very nice Chodups. Thank you.

Like everyone else here, my club paddles are postponed or canceled though, like others here I suppose, I’m not doing as many club paddles as I used to anyhow. I’d be delighted if the Ozark 'Vous somehow comes off, but I wouldn’t bet a large sum on it’s happening this spring. There is a local creek that perhaps I should hit as its possible just to hike back to the put in. Do it a couple times in a day and it might approximate a real days paddling on a river.

As another vicarious substitute, like Chodup’s, to pass the time during our isolation, try this.

It needs no words. (Or, the Mason link that I put up on the Canoecopia 2020 post a while back.)
Oldies but goodies. I also get a kick out of watching this one occasionally:

The perfect commercial for a canoe…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I just got home from a really nice solo paddle. Nice sunshine, and the ocean was a beautiful blue green.
The wildlife ramp had rangers posted, and one of the accesses blocked off. They saw me and seemed perfectly ok with my activity. On the water, I passed 2 sheriff’s dept boats manned with several people. Very unusual. They waved. From the ocean, the only people on the beach front were a couple of patrol vehicles. The waves looked beautiful for sea kayak surfing, but there was no one at all out surfing, so I decided it would be best to keep a distance. Very odd to see such a beautiful day with vacant beaches. Very good to see everyone out today practicing appropriate distancing.

Nice videos. Thanks for posting.