Is Zion NP similar to Green River?

I have an airline voucher I need to burn by October. Zion NP has always been on my list of places I want to go. But looking at the NPS site recently, it seems very similar to it’s eastern Utah neighbors, Canyonlands and Arches NPs, which I recently toured via the Green River. Is Zion worth a trip?

Also considering Olympic NP in Oregon.

Advice appreciated.


yeah its awesome.
Its a red rock version of Yosemite NP. Google pics of zion and you will see.

You can camp just outside the park.

Its nice because the main canyon does not allow cars…its a free bus service…so its quiet!

I use to guide in the park.

Make sure you hike to Angels Landing, Observation Point, HIdden Canyon, Emerald Pools and if you have time get into the Zion Narrows. (google pics of this) There is much more to see and do than i can describe here.

Fly to St. George OR Vegas and rent a car.

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I would 2nd a hike up into the Narrows
Zion is wonderful place to go hiking. I haven’t been there in almost 20 years but my memories of the place are still very vivid. There is natural beauty around each corner. I liked it a lot more than Bryce.

Are You Talking Paddling?
Zion is great for hiking but I don’t think there’s any paddling. Virgin River, right? I was there last October. Hiked the Narrows and Angel’s Landing. Some trail off of Angel’s Landing also. Beautiful.

Olympic NP is in Washington
not Oregon

no, just asking for comparison
Paddled the Green, with lots of hiking when we were not on the water. The Green is in Southeast Utah, and Zion is in Southwest Utah. Zion was on my list of places to go if I ever got a chance, but now I am wondering how different it is from the hiking around the Green River.

Apparently there is some paddling available in Zion, if the water is sufficient. But that’s not why I’d be going. Zion got on my list after I saw pictures of the other-worldly rock walls. On the Green River trip, I kept thinking it looks like another world.


Bryce Canyon NP…
… is practically next door to Zion and, unlike others, we found it more than held its own by comparison. Some great hiking and photography.

But even if you don’t go to Bryce, Zion is a real jewel. Be sure to get up before sunrise and stay up till after sunset (in both Parks) for the best photos.

Olympic NP in nw Washington is also top notch and, as a bonus, you can stop by Pygmy Kayaks in Port Townsend and try out your next kayak! :slight_smile:


More to Zion than
just the main canyon. There is a section on the rim of the canyon accessible by a paved road just west of the main canyon. It features a petrified forest, a slot canyon hike, and 2 cinder volcano cones among other sites. There is also an entire separate unit of the park out to the northwest.

I think you could plan on going to Zion for a couple of days, then on to Bryce NP and finally on to Capitol Reef NP for a couple of days. If Zion was not that different and interesting you could just spend more time at Bryce and Capitol Reef. The drive from Bryce to Capitol Reef on Highway 12 is almost as good as any of the national parks themselves. Bryce and Capitol Reef are very different from Canyonlands and Arches.

Have a great trip.



Native Utahn Here

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Zions has never done it for me

I like Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Pt, Goblin Valley, Capitol Reef, Escalantee canyon better. I like the high Uintah primitive area and the area near Durango and Silverton in Colorado ... alpine type countryside.

If you really like the south west I would take a trip to Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon and Canyon du Chelley. Hike to the Havasupai reservation in the Grand Canyon area. Visit the Vermillion cliffs in Arizona and hike Pariah canyon.


Beautiful–and so is Valley of Fire SP
I didn’t think it was like any of the other UT national parks, really.

Not just red rock–other hues, too. Definitely worth a trip out there, esp. since you can visit some other scenic natural areas nearby.

Which, I should mention, may be in NEVADA, not just Utah. Zion is close to Las Vegas area. Check out Valley of Fire State Park; there’s one area where the undulating rock “waves” are like melting mounds of pastel ice creams. Absolutely beautiful.

Lot’s of German and Japanese tourists
Last time I was there the trails were overrun with tourists. It’s too close to Vegas and I-15.

Zions is much more peaceful in the winter, trails can be a bit dicey with snow and ice.

Now shopping for tickets: ZION
These airline reward programs–The availability seems scarce. It’s nice I “earned” a trip but the restrictions! Argh.

Saw an interview with documentary film maker, Ken Burns, Wednesday night. He was plugging his new film, opening soon, on the National Parks. At one point he was waxing on the magnificense of the NPs, and he started reeling off names. Yellowstone, Zion, … and a few more. After your posts to this thread, hearing that sort of cemented it for me.

Looks like I might be able to get 4 or 5 days right at the end of the month.

Thanks for your info.


sup near bryce
See the sevier river launch sites on this site. They are an hour and 30 minutes from Bryce. For info see iSUP rentals are available. The sevier river offers great scenic swift to slow flatwater sections from Marysvale, Utah, north to the county park north of Big Rock Candy Mountain. Then there is 7 miles of class 2 and 3 whitewater, commercially and privately run by rafts and kayaks etc.