Island Hopper 2.5 HP

Hey, I have just bought a Pelican Bayou, flat back, big canoe. Has anyone tried the Is;and Hopper 2.5 HP Engine? Let me know if you have,

Something similar.
Years ago i had a canoe with a side mount and an air cooled 2 1/2HP outboard motor. Don’t remember what brand it was but it did well except for the fact that it was rather noisey. It pushed the canoe well.

I have a electric trolling motor now that does real well but you have to deal with recharging the deepcycle battery after every trip. But it is quiet.

Looks like a big weed eater
Most likely, it will do fine. Just not a lot of information on it. Check on parts availability if you are considering it. The price looks good, but you many want to check Nissan, Tohatsu, Suzuki, and maybe even Yamaha. If its a 4 cycle, you may not be able to lay it on its side to transport, be sure to inquire.


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Thanks guys, I am also gonna be using this on my Fish Cat pontoon, so the weight has to be pretty low, the bigger names are a little beefy for my setup, I need something small. I am also looking at the Cruz Lite engine.... I'll let you know how it works when the ice comes off the lakes here, still have 2.5 feet!