Island Kayak Expedition

Anyone have positive feedback on these boats?

I am considering a Non-LV model and wonder if anyone cares to share their experiences paddling them in rough seas. They look fantastic (fit and finnish). Are they similiar in handling as the the Valley Nordcapp as to paddling following seas and beam winds? The Nordcapp H20 seems to be the #1 boat in my list of favorites but there seems to be a big difference in what it would cost me to purchase the Nordcapp H20.

Any positive help in making a decision would be a good thing.

Though one of the reports is from paddling the boat on Lake George in Upstate NY, a locale I paddle often, I have not seen this boat nor spoken to anyone who has paddled one.


It wold be interesting to hear from folks who have paddled it.

You believe it to be comparable to a Nordkapp H2O?

Still Available?
I thought I heard a rumour that they were no longer in buisiness after the Tsunami (they were manufactured in Shri-Lanka). I could be mistaken or misinformed though.

As far as cost…the retail price difference between the 2 boats is only about $100.

still on SKG site

cost vs. MSRP
Cost is rarely MSRP - except of course on the most “in demand” boats. The Valley H20 line is a little too “hot” for me to buy into - no room for negotating price. Instead I think I found a boat that is very similiar in performance in certain rough conditions but possibly can be negotiated to a very reasonable cost. I’d really like to find a concurring opinion on the performance of the Island Kayak Expedition on following seas and beam winds.