Island Kayaks Expedition

While I was in Europe i saw a number of Island Kayaks. The Expedition looked pretty nice.

If you’ve had experience with this manufacturer or the Expedition, I would appreciate that info. Thanks and Happy Paddling

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Jim - there were some comments in a recent thread about the Island Kayaks Expedition. I am a recent purchaser and wrote up my impressions on this thread:

If the link doesn't work search the archives in Advice, keywords Island Kayaks Expedition for the last month. It is case sensitive.

A little more seat time and the only real change is that I find that I am using the skeg more in flatwater. Some of this is just being less hardheaded and letting the skeg help me quiet the hull more. Great boat, great price while they last.

Island kayak expedition
I purchased an expedition about month ago and so far so good. as is the previous post, on flatwater and moderate + wind conditions the skeg is all but required, at least for me. Have not had a chance to srf test or other more bumpy conditions other than boat wakes but beleive thiis is where this boat will shine even more. Seems to be well made and sturdy. Great prices being offered for a good glass boat.