islander swifty

Hi all.

Brand new here and have been having great success gathering info here for beginning kayaking. I have read tons of great reviews on here about the perception swifty and this kayak fits what I want to do. This kayak has been replaced by the prodigy 10 i believe at $330. At Dicks sporting goods they carry Islander(believe this to be made by perception) Swiftys. This kayak appears to be the same as the old perception swifty with a name change. They list the kayak at $320 but seem to have it on sale for 270 a lot. Can anyone confirm or deny this or provide any info as it has not been reviewed yet. Thanks.

It’s not the same.
I have an America 11 (now called the Angler because they added rod holders) from Dicks, and it’s also an old Perception mold. Even the hatch cover still has the Perception logo, but the stern isn’t sealed like the original. It is NOT the same quality as the original either.

You have to understand Dicks. They want to sell something cheap to encourage someone to buy something they otherwise would not. To do this, they get manufacturers like Perception to break out an old mold that is beat up pretty good and cheapen the plastic a bit to reduce the price. Mine is six months old, and it oil cans a bit in the middle. I can push it right back out after a few minutes warming in the sun, and it really doesn’t affect the tracking, but that’s mine. The next one might be altogether worse. Or better, who’s to say.

I’m not saying that boat won’t do what you want, or won’t last you long enough to justify the money, but you get what you pay for. Go in with low expectations and you might be very happy. I guarantee, though, that if you’re expecting a high quality kayak, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Me? I was the former and I don’t regret saving a few hundred bucks (I only paid $299 in December). I will be upgrading to a better quality yak, though, and this one (and the Blast I also bought last summer) make great extras for the kids, friends or family to go along with me occasionally.

Makes sense. With the prodigy or zydeco going for roughly 70 more I may opt for that. Looking for two beginner boats so not dropping too much cash(think i am even going to stack them and strap them to the top of my xterra) but don’t want to have to upgrade immediately due to an inferior product.

Islander Swifty 9.5
New to kayak world. Gathered great info from this site before my used Islander Swifty purchase from private sale two days ago. I lucked out and got Swifty, adult PFD, and paddle for @200.00. I have the original receipt and this craft is three months old (manufacture date). I compared the Perception Prodigy and Swifty at Dicks and went for the used one. So far it is great. I’m 5’5" and 137 lbs. so it’s ideal. I also own a 16’ Mad River Explorer canoe. Kayaking is the way to go as a single. Lightweight females (me) can carry it with no effort. The Islander and Perception Swifty look identical. Now I’m saving my $$$$ for Wilderness Systems 120. Can anyone give input on Wilderness Systems for sea kayak? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Dude, you did get a good deal . . . .
IMHO, if a boat floats, and comes with the pfd, it’s worth $200. A great yak it is NOT, but you’ll enjoy it. Although the Blast was never a good choice for me, it was a cheap way to see if I’d like kayaking, and I knew I could recycle it for teaching my 10 yo son. The thing is stable as a rock initially (careful, though, no real secondary stability) and it gave him the confidence to know that he can do it.

yep, just a name change
same plastic, same construction, same assembly line.

Dicks does the bargains.


Wait a minute . . . .
Flatpick, aren’t you the guy that works for one of the manufacturers? I thought I read that in one of threads a long time ago. If so, which one, and aren’t these “Islanders” made from different (cheaper, lower quality) materials? I own the “Victory” America 11.0 and that’s my impression.

yes and no
yes I work for CWS and no the plastic resin we use is the same for all boats except WS Duralite and whitewater.


Thanks for the info.
I’m surprised, but thanks. The oil canning occurs just in front of where the channels end on the bottom of the kayak. Any suggestions? It really doesn’t seem to cause any tracking problems. Once in awhile it seems to like to veer off to the right a little when the malformation is worse than normal.