Islay 14 LV and Alchemy S

Which is smaller? From looking at the pictures it appears the Alchemy’s outfitting might lock down tighter but the Islay’s specs show 1/2 inch narrower width.

Have any smaller folk here tried both to voice an opinion on which one is a better fit for a very petite lady?

What is the hip and thigh circumference measurements of whom you’re trying to fit. I can at least give you some Intel using last year’s demo Islay LV. Someone else will need to chime in on the Alchemy.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Size 2 I’d guess
Thanks for the response Marshall. It’s my wife’s friend and she’s pretty close to the same size as my wife. I’d say 5 feet tall and 100lbs but I don’t have any actual measurements. I had her out last year in a Tsunami Sp and it was a good fit for day paddles. I might be able to get my wife to sit in both for her to check outfitting but we wouldn’t be able to demo to gauge hull volume. I was just hoping to hear from someone very light that may have tried both for a waterline/seat of the pants opinion.

It might come down to which one she can find and just get a Sweetcheeks 200 for contact and better deck clearance.