Isle au Haut

I am planning a trip do a kayak camping trip that circumnavigates the Isle au Haut and am looking for recommendations for overnight parking in the area. I have three persons and two cars that would need to be accommodated. I heard Stonington was difficult (especailly in the summer) and that maybe Old Quarry might be an option. I was looking at Naskeag Point but wasn’t sure if it allows overnight parking. Open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I paddled a section of the MIT from Stonington to Jonesboro in '16 and parked at the Old Quarry Ocean Adventures. Don’t remember what they charged but they are very nice people and I always like supporting any kayak business. Plus they were on the water and I felt my car was safe for the week we were away. You can call them to check out their rates at (207) 367-8977.

Doug - thanks for getting back to me. From everything I’ve looked up in that area, I think you right. We booked our first and last night there.