Isle Cruiser SoftTop 10.5 paddle board / creases on bottom

my wife just received her new paddle board, right our of the bubble wrap from the factory it sports some indentations in the form of creases on its bottom, right about at the center point (only on the bottom of the board, the top is flawless & perfect) …to me, and per the photos on their site, the bottom of the board should be flat, smooth & glossy from tip to tail, ZERO dents, dings, indentations nor ceases in the material along its entire bottom …am I correct in my assumption ?? will these creases impact performance on the water ?? if left alone, could these creases cause further delamination or damage to the board down the road ?? of course my wife is contacting Isle directly about this, to include multiple photos, I just wanted to get the opinions / facts from other paddle board riders, novice to pro …THANK YOU FOR THE ASSIST

My wife and I are one step above novice so I’l chime in.
We have four boards, and have demoed a bunch of different ones, and I have never seen any with creases in the bottom.
Did her board come with a fin ?
If not, and this crease is right in the center could it possibly be in the place of a fin.
If it is crude and looks suspicious, I wouldn’t accept it.

If you had posted a picture of the damage I could probably give you a better recommendation, but if there is a defect on the product, from the factory, you should send it back. You should have any problems with them if you explain the situation.