Isle Royal canoe trip 08

Trying to plan my first canoe trip to Isle Royale. I would love to have any suggestions, tips, warnings, destinations that you guys can offer.

We will be traveling there second weekend in August and will be going in to Rock Harbor from Copper Harbor. Thanks in advance

Here’s …
… a similar question from a while back, and several responses:

Or search for “royale” in the Wilderness Tripping forum; I got a dozen hits.

My wife and I hiked there a few months ago and it’s high on my list for paddling destinations …

Couple of Questions
How much time do you have and what do you want to do while there?

Also check this site for a lot of good info:

IR trip
What do we want to do…good question. Cover some good water, camp, see moose, fish, not too many portages…well that aren’t unbearable. relax with friends while there. We have about a week to spend on IR

Northeast Finger Bays
It seems from my single visit and further research that you’d want to focus on the northeast end of the island.

From Rock it’s a short paddle around Scoville Point to Tobin Harbor (gorgeous canoeing there), with abundant wildlife and hiking trails on both shores. If weather allows, round Blake and Locke Points into Belle Harbor.

Except for the notorious exposed points (especially Blake), the vast majority of your paddling would be along miles of protected bays and harbors, with dense forest and plenty of camping along the way. This corner of IR sees much less hiker traffic than the southern trails between Rock Harbor and Windigo, too.

NOTE: Do be careful when rounding those points, however. Because they are so long, they force paddlers pretty far out into the lake. And the depth gauge on our tour boat revealed underwater shoals extending even FURTHER, which would throw up some nasty conditions in even moderate winds. On a day like that, it’d be wiser to loaf around in camp, cruise the large protected bay you’re camped on, or explore nearby hiking trails.

Good Luck!

I’ll present 2 options.

You can head over to the 5 Fingers area. If you are not experienced in open water paddling, you need to be extemely cautious of Blake Pt. With winds out of pretty much any direction except maybe W, SW and NW you will encounter large water around Blake PT. The water bottom is deep offshore there but comes up quickly to the point. 3’ waves elsewhere can led to 4-6’ waves off Blake Pt. You could portage across Tobin Harbor and into Duncan Bay. The portage into Duncan is a very steep portage. Once into Duncan Bay there is good fishing and paddling. You could do the portage into Five Finger Bay and paddle there for a day. You could return to Rock Harbor via Blake Point if condition allow. You could spend a day alone in Tobin harbor.

The other option is paddle Rock Harbor to Moskey Basin and portage about 2 miles into Lake Ritchie- along portage. Good Northern fishing in Ritchie. You could also do day trips into Intermediate lake and if you are motivated into Siskiwit. That should get you started.

You could also spend the week in Rock Harbor, ovenight at Caribou, explore the Lighthouse, Edison fishery ect. From Daisy Farm, you culd do a nice day hike up to the Greenstone and back doing a circle. Moskey Basin is a beautiful place to hang out!!

That should get you started.

thanks for the tips, kinda sounds like it will be 5 figers area depending on the weather. I’m about 8 months away from my trip but I can’t wait to get there.

DuFresne’s Book

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If you don't have Dufresne's book, Isle Royale National Park, Foot Trails and Water Routes, I would recommend getting it for planning!!