Isle Royale 1st week Sept.

Any other paddlers going to be at Isle Royale next week?


Have fun
It’s a magical island.

Isle Royale
What area have you canoed and what time of year. I will be going Sept 21-29 and plan on camping at Blake Point and photographing the n.e. part of the Isle. Any info appreciated. Dave

Blake Point
dkpho_bo, I dunno if you plan to go by canoe or by kayak, but the northeast end of Isle Royale can get quite dicey, especially that time of year.

In fact, the area between McCargoe Cove and Blake Point is often specifically UNrecommended for canoes, and there are a couple of short portage routes over the peninsulas there in order to avoid the open water.

Things can get pretty rough there, and even for a skilled kayak paddler, care and good judgment will be required, as will a wet- or drysuit.

We just visited the island last month for some hiking, and it looks like a paddler’s paradise!

Can’t wait to return with my boat …

Blake Point
We paddled around Blake Point twice during the third week of August while spending a week paddling the NE end of Isle Royale. The first time around the point was beautiful. Three days later, we had 25knot winds and 6-8 foot waves. No place for a canoe and we were fortunate to make it in our kayaks. Most paddlers decided to wait it out for a few days. Nice campsites for paddlers at Duncan Narrows and Belle Isle. A great place we plan to revisit.

Isle Royale trip
I just got back and it was a rough week I made it over halfway around in three days going CCW but there were three days that were very rough last week. With 2 days having 7 foot waves. I Paddled back into Windigo to catch the Voyager back to Rock Harbor. Watch the weather close, and allow enough time. If the weather would have been better I could have easily made it around in 7 days, but this time of year the weather changes quickly. Remember the Lake is the boss

I really love that cove…Duncan Narrows and Duncan Bay Campground. Totally secluded in the far end and very beautiful. Belle Isle is a favorite as well. The north end of the bay at the Belle camp is a great place to climb up and sit out on the rock ridge there.

We’ve returned there on a couple of kayaking trips and still want to return to explore more.

Our last trip there leaving Merritt Lane, there were 8-10 breaking waves blasting Blake Point.

Isle Royale

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The NE side of the island is awesome. Duncan Bay and Merritts Land are great places to camp. Blakes point requires caution. If you have a clean weather report the 5 mile paddle over to Passage island is a great adventure. Use caution as those frighters are in route between Passage and Blakes point. Passage island is very unique with complete different looking vegatation than the main island becuase there are no Moose on the island. The North side of the island has a great beach. You are really isolated there. Find out if camping is legal there from the Park Service. That is where I started to kayak. When I was a kid I went over on a reef with a friend out there by Passage island. I thought it was very exciting and hooked me on kayaking. Now we do Sea kayak trips in Patagonia, but it all started at Isle Royale

Chris Spelius