Isle Royale Canoe Rentals

Does anyone have any leads on canoe rentals near Isle Royale National Park? I’m hoping to find a composite boat, not an aluminum craft.



Lots of Kevlar in Grand Marais
If you’re heading over to Isle Royale from Grand Portage, MN there are several outfitters in Grand Marais, MN (40 miles back toward Duluth from Grand Portage) that rent kevlar tripping canoe. Google BWCA outfitters and key in on Grand Marais addresses.

ISRO Canoe Rentals
Thanks! I’ll check into it.


getting there with the canoe
Today I called the ferry line that operates from Grand Portage, and Superior is still too low in water level for the ferry Wennonah to operate. It will be difficult to get across on the Voyager unless you book your tickets soon. It will be much easier to get a ticket from Houghton or Copper Harbor, which is what I plan to do. There are outfitters in those towns.

I rented a canoe
at the ranger station at Windigo, on the island. Check it out. This was back in 1981!

You can still rent canoes
in Rock Harbor but they are the aluminum variety and limited in quantity. They will rent those by the week for maybe $200- our Scouts did this once and decided to bring their own boats the next time. Copper Harbor has a few outfitters but it’s a very small town with a short season so you’d want to confirm equipment availability before you go. Don’t recall seeing any kevlar boats on the racks but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Reservations on the Queen are definitely needed- I’ve seen folks without them left on the docks because the boat was full.

Renting canoes for Isle Royale
I did find a handful of outfitters in Grand Marais that rent Kevlar and other composite boats. Having been spoiled by my Wenonah Odyssey, I’d go in that direction.