Isle Royale Circumnavigation

Hello all,

a group of four of us just completed a paddle to, around and back from Isle Royale. 140 miles in seven days. Beautiful trip though we managed to get weatherbound on day one of the trip before our crossing with 60-80mph(!) winds and hail.

Trip report and lots of pictures at:


Nice paddle
Looked like a great trip . I had long ago wanted to try such a kayak

paddle. Had a map of the place and really thought about it . Never

did get out that way . Thanks for the photos . John

Nice report and great pics!

We’ll be doing it later this summer.

Sad to hear about the Grace Island incident. We had a similiar experience.


it was pretty sweet when the ranger pulled up. You can not believe the state the site was in. Looked like hillbilly junction. They seemed like nice enough guys though. Enjoy your trip and hope the smaller camp sites aren’t full when you get there after a long days paddle.

I’m hoping
for the same. We actually stopped by McCargoe Cove last year to just cruise in and check out the area, campsites, etc…then continue on.

The shelters were treated very harshly. Such graphic graffiti, carvings in the wood, and people left their garbage everywhere. I can’t comprehend what people are thinking when they start destroying such a beautiful place and when the park service works so hard to keep things maintained so people like us can go over and enjoy it.

I hate to target one group, but I’m pretty sure that specific area is most frequented by backpackers. The ones I encountered there were very young, rowdy and you could tell they were the ones depositing their trash all over the camp area.

I don’t know, don’t mean to rant, but it really upsets me when people who should be obeying “no trace” are treating a national park like a public gas station restroom.

The pics were magnificent
I don’t normally check the “Wilderness Tripping” section of this website because I’m a day paddler. What a treat to see such a nice visual chronicle of a great trip!

Thanks for posting these.

Great pics!
Looks like a great destination for a group paddle!