Isle Royale

So… Anyone going to Isle Royale this year? I’m taking the first boat May 6th with my kayak.


My wife and I will probably be there late July or early August for a circumnavigation. Can’t wait.


May 20
Heading to Malone Bay after a stop at Chippewa Harbor. Will try to portage thru to Whittlesly and WOod eventually over to Siskwit and Lake Trout!!!

I love the lake trout up there, fresh caught and cooked over an open fire…I’m salivating.

Can you take pictures or what…!!!
Really beautiful pics

We will have to keep in touch.

We are planning the 3rd week of August.

We will take the Queen over and probably go clockwise, depending on the weather.


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It's possible we could be there around the same time depending on my work schedule. As it stands right now, I'm leaning towards the first week.

We are also planning on a clockwise route. Went the other direction last year and I wanted to spend time exploring "the other side" this year.

How many of you going?


There are 2 possibly 3.

I’m heading out.
I’ll be paddling out to the Isle from Grand Portage in June, circumnavigating and paddling back. My first time out there and really looking forward to it.

Time to get in shape.

I’d say
That’s a nice crossing not to mention the 140 miles or so around the island. Are you doing it solo?

A group of four of us is doing it. I think we’ve chatted over on the Isle Royale forum. The distance should be pretty straight forward as we’ve all covered that ground in that time many times before on the lake and almost everyone in the group has done the crossing to the island before.

I’ve been thinking about doing that also. I was thinking of paddling up the shore and heading over from Canada.

Do you mean heading out from the Thompson Island area? I think that is actually the shortest jaunt over. Plus, you get a nice sauna at Thompson before you do the crossing.

We did a November trip out to Thompson/Flathead last year (and were rewarded with some big seas). The Flathead sauna has sadly been burned to the ground by drunken yahoos. This leaves only one sauna in the suana island chain.

Isle Royale in May
I too plan to kayak Isle Royale in May, but not till the middle of the month when fishing season opens. My goal is to land some of those lake trout and walleyes in Wood and Siskiwit lakes, and circumnavigate IR again. Weather permitting, I plan to cross from Little Trout Bay in Ontario and back. If anyone reading this plans on kayaking IR the third week in May contact me.

That crazy kayaker

Something like that. I live in Grand Marais, so I’d paddle up from home and see where I ended up before heading over.

Be Cautious
If you haven’t done a longer crossing on Superior be very cautious about the crossing to Isle Royale because as I am sure you know, weather can come in out of nowhere and there is not much one can do when in the middle of the lake.

If anyone is planning to do the crossing I’d say they need to be comfortable in windy Superior conditions which in my experience is steep 6-8 ft. waves.