Isle Royale

Has anyone paddle the South shore, from Windigo to Rock Harbor. Trying to find out about areas where taking out is possible in bad conditions, and knowing about stretches where landing is impossible. Hope to go next June. I’ve been there four times before, but only on land thirty years ago.

Good Book
Bill Newman’s book, “Guide to Sea Kayaking in Lakes Superior and Michigan,” has an excellent section on all of Isle Royale’s 100-plus-mile shoreline:

He accurately describes difficult sections of shore and other dangers, recommends campsites and scenic points of interest, etc…

I found the book quite helpful when paddling the NE Five Fingers region a few weeks ago, and we’ll definitely be going back!

Good Luck!


Paddled the island
Several times and the south shore in that area is not near as bad for landing possibilities compared to the north.

You’ve got quite a few from Windigo: Rainbow Cove, gravel beach on the south side up to/including Long Point (backcountry camping), Fishermans home (just shy of Point Houghton/Siskiwit Bay), across Siskiwit to Hay Bay, further east to Malone, Chippewa and on to Rock Harbor…

Definitely some beautiful areas on that route with many landings/weather permitting.