Isle Royale

I am going to Isle Royale this summer. I would like any information or tips on kayaking and/or hiking on the Island and the best time of year to go.

more info
I’ve kayaked the island extensively but would need a bit more info to narrow the search down a little more. i.e. paddling experience, boat, do you want to paddle in mostly in Lake Superior vs inland paddling, etc.

Isle Royale is an incredible place to paddle and hike. Every time we go back we have a new experience and never feel as though we’ve truly experienced everything the island has to offer.

Also check out the Isle Royale web board, lots of experienced folk there.



Check REI’s schedule …

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If you have an REI conveniently located, check their seminar schedule. I went to one last year that was extremely informative. Gave details about the Isle and some general route suggestions. Also said to be extemely careful if paddling in Superior around Blake Pt. (Far eastern edge of island) Apparently the seas can kick up quickly and violently out of the blue in that area.

I believe the gentleman that gave the seminar also provided a web address for some additional info. I'll try to figure out what I did with it. I guess he heads up voluntary trail clearing/clean-up July.

read the trip reports here
I’d read the trip reports but IMO I’d say late july through mid-august.

Check NPS site also (link)