Isle Vs Tower

Hi Everybody :slight_smile: I would like to buy inflatable SUP. I have very limited experience with SUP in general. I want to choose between ISLE or TOWER sup, there is the 11′ ISLE Inflatable Explorer ( ) and the Tower Adventurer 2" iSUP Package - 10’4" ( ) , I really don’t know which is the best for me. I am intending to use it on the ocean means choppy water. I am about 200LBS (90 Kg) and 5’ 9" (175cm) tall, I would like to be stable enough, as well not too big sup :). Can any expert here help me with it?

Take lessons first and stay out of the ocean until you do.

You don’t start out paddling with no experience on the ocean, it’ll get you. People die every year doing this, don’t be a statistic.

Bill H.

Tough choice
They’re both very good boards so at least you’ve narrowed it down to two good ones! ISLE overall has an excellent reputation in the industry and makes an array of quality boards for whatever your goals are.

They are both pretty similar boards with the main differences coming in the rigging. The ISLE Airtech has an on deck bungee system for stowing gear, the Tower does not, nor does it include any D rings to mount one yourself.

My only concern is that you say you want to use your board for the ocean and small chop. Both of these boards are better suited for flatwater paddling because they were made with beginners in mind.

They have a 6 inch thickness for a higher elevation above the water which is great for flatwater but might make paddling small waves more difficult.

I have written a more extensive review of these products on my blog here if you would like some more information. Good luck with your decision!