ISO - Dry Box for good camera

Quite recently, I’ve found a love for paddling and have gone from getting an 8’ Pelican Break (November 2008) to a Wilderness Pungo 12’just a few weeks ago. Along with the love of paddling, I also have an incredible love of photography and would like to be able to combine the two.

Currently, I just use my small Sony Cybershot, but am starting to research dry boxes that can hold and protect my Nikon D40 with a Sigma 70-300mm lens. I’ve looked at some of the pelican boxes, but all the sizes are starting to be very confusing. I was hoping I might get some help with this, and maybe even get some suggestions for other boxes to look at.

Dimensions of the camera with the attached lens is roughly 8.25" x 5.5" x 4"


A few ideas…
Based on your measurements, and this page:

…the Pelican 1200 would hold your camera, but it’s usually a better idea to get a case larger than you need, 'cause your camera will change over time. (Remember that new telephoto you’ve been dreaming of?) Also be aware that Pelican’s are heavier than other comparable cases like the Storm.

I personally find it a PITA to get into a Pelican case while on the boat. What I’ve started using is a large soft sided cooler like these:

They are plenty waterproof for kayak use and much easier to pack and to get the camera in and out.

I have been using a tinted dry bag
for my Nikon. It is much smaller on the deck than a box and when using the camera it is just a flat bag not a box. I can use the same bag no matter what lens I have on it also. I bought a box for it but went with the bag as I found it to work out better, at least for me.

1200 is a good suggestion…
for your current size lens/camera. For a sit inside kayak, I find that placing the camera inside a dry bag in front of me resting on the spray skirt works well in conditions where I want the camera readily available. I place it back into the pelican case when not in use.

I too was thinking of going with a slightly larger box so I can “grow” with it as needed. (BTW, already have my dream lens, so that’s not an issue, though the accessories might be. lol)

I had not heard of the Storm Cases, so I will certainly look into them as well.

I’d thought about doing something with a small dry bag, but again not completely sure. I like the idea of having something with a hard outer shell to protect my camera if anything should happen while portaging. (such as tripping, or just plain clumsiness.)

I use a Pelican 1300 for my SLR, and it has room to spare for an extra lens and battery. I rely on the Pelican since I mainly paddle whitewater and if I swim and send my cameral through class V, I want it protected. If I am paddling flatwater though, i leave the Pelican at home and use either a drybag or even just a large ziplock since the risk of capsize is very small.

I’m curious as to how you protect your camera from bumps and such when in the dry bag.

I have never had any problem bumping
it. I don’t even see any reason to worry about it. How could you bang it around when you are in a kayak? do you keep it in a hard case when hiking or do you just strap it around your neck?

Nikon D40
I have a Nikon D40 and a Pelican 1200. The case is fine but bareley high enough. If I had to buy another case I would consider getting one a bit deeper.

hiking bag
I do not carry it in a hard case nor do I carry it around my neck when hiking. I have a good padded hiking bag made just for cameras that I use instead.