ISO info on this Fiberglass Canoe

Hi there! Here looking for some info on this Fiberglass Canoe I rescued a couple days back.
Found the tag on the side, hopefully that can help. Tried doing some research on the White Co, but couldn’t find this make. Few pieces are in need of repair and or a good sanding and revarnishing. Thanks for looking! New user so I can only upload the one photo.

Make another post ?

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Cool save it.

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White Canoe Co (originally EM White Canoe Co) was bought by Old Town in 1984. Unless someone painted the interior of that boat yellow, It would appear to be Kevlar outer ply with balsa core bilge. Pretty neat, and worth the effort to restore.


Balsa looks good but it can be repaired anyway.

There’s the full shell. Overall in good shape, both seats need to be recaned or maybe Paracord. No major cracks. Excited to start paddling again after I fix her up.


This cap in the rear definitely needs to be replaced as well.

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A good boat, but it looks like it is from 1980 and stored outside a lot of its life. Be aware of brittle fiberglass. UV light can cause it to degrade over time and become weak. Check for soft spots and weakness. Use caution until you know the boat is safe.

I agree with offshore, that is the telltale color of a kevlar canoe. Lucky you. It’s a cool boat.

If you go to and click the “Canoes” icon and scroll down to bottom of page you’ll find a serial number decoder link. Hopefully you can find out a little more info.

Regarding the deck you could repair it with epoxy wood filler if you like, or I was wondering if you could just flip it upside down and reuse it.


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