ISO one piece whitewater paddles

Need a decent whitewater one piece paddle for this weekend. Preferably 194-198cm in length

Where are you? That might help.

Portland metro area

Portland Oregon. To be exact happy valley area code 97086

There’s this thing called Google…

Thank you for reminding me of why I don’t use this forum unless it’s last option.

Well, have you tried all the local paddle shops?

must have, as he/she is now out of options. Why do I keep picturing kayak paddles being used in Portlands peaceful protests ? :thinking:

For any question, the more info we get the more helpful we can be and the corollary is also true.

With the current situation, stocks of all paddling gear are low so choice will probably be limited, but there are single piece, 2 piece, 4 piece, straight or bent shaft, standard or small diameter, feather angle and direction, all to be considered. Also price range. And if the paddle is needed by this weekend, I’d be driving to every local paddle shop to see what they have.

Sorry you feel frustrated but you would probably get a better response if your question was more specific. Like mentioning up front where you are and what you might have already done to find what you need. And whether you are looking to buy or borrow.

Have you exhausted options at local stores? There must be quite a few shops in your region that stock paddling gear. Have you contactrd on line dealers as well? Most will offer expedited shipping if you are willing to pay extra for that. You still have time to get overnight or 2-day shipping by Friday.

Also, if there are outfitters in your area who offer whitewater instruction they may have rental gear you could arrange to borrow. There are also often Facebook groups in major metro areas for whitewater paddlers — I belong to a couple of such kayaking groups in my area through which I have both bought ans sols paddling gear.

Are you paddling with other folks? Have you checked with them to see if anyone has a spare paddle you could borrow?